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The Sor Studies is a professional, fully featured multimedia music program containing superb professional classical guitar performances of Fernando Sor's celebrated studies for guitar (Opus numbers 6, 29, 31, 35, 44, and 60, complete). We've recorded live, complete performances by a top classical guitarist - many with full-motion closeup videos - bringing new technology to classic masterpieces.

An Invaluable Learning Resource!
This definitive collection of studies for the classical guitar is an essential learning resource. It is accorded the same significance in the study of the guitar as that given to Bach's Well Tempered Clavier in the study of the piano. All performances are taken from the earliest available facsimiles of the music - the VOB collection. PG Music's innovative multimedia presentation of the material adds exciting dimensions to the study and appreciation of Sor's timeless works. 

3 CD-ROMs of superb classical music!
This interactive program comes on 3 full CD-ROMs with hours of high quality classical guitar music plus a complete Sor biography, a historical timeline, and many more powerful multimedia features for enhanced appreciation and study!

Full On Screen Notation and Printout!
Follow the music notation on-screen as you listen to the recorded digital audio performance. The notation scrolls by in sync with the audio and video recordings, with a highlight box to indicate the current measure. Print out a high-resolution engraver quality copy with fingering and chord symbols to use for reference and study. Make your own study book by printing your personal favorites.

Over 40 Full Color Videos!
Observe the polished technique of a master guitarist at close range in the crisp, full motion videos. Pause and repeat sections of interest to see the precise fingering and study professional technique, or loop a selected section to automatically repeat it as often as you want. Every important classical guitar technique is demonstrated.

Learning classical guitar has never been easier!

  • Focus on any section with the versatile loop feature.
  • Slow down parts for further study with the ˝ time feature.
  • Print all the studies with notation, chords and fingering to study anytime.
  • The complete studies, Opus numbers 6, 29, 31, 35, 44 and 60. 
  • Studies are progressively arranged in order of difficulty.
  • Play along with the performance in real time.

Hours of beautiful listening music!
Play The Sor Studies through your computer speakers for hours of listening enjoyment. Playback continues in the background of other programs so you can listen to your favorite music while you work. Select your own playlist of favorite songs, or let the program automatically play the entire library. All you need is a personal computer and a love of classical guitar!

Learn about Sor's life and times
Read about Fernando Sor and his music in captivating detail. The Timeline shows you milestones in his life and career as a virtuoso guitarist, composer and political exile. The History tells about his life from his early days as a child prodigy in Spain, to his expatriate years as a renowned musician in London and the courts of Europe.

System Requirements:
Windows 3.1, 95/98, NT ; 16MB RAM
Any Windows compatible 16bit sound card (e.g. SoundBlaster 16, AWE 32, AWE64, Yamaha etc).
CD-ROM Drive.

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