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The Master Jazz Guitar Solos program is a fully-featured interactive music program with professional jazz quartet/quintet arrangements of 50 songs. Each song features a jazz guitar solo played by a top studio musician, as well as accompanying piano (comping), bass, drums, and strings. There are almost 5 hours of jazz guitar soloing in this program.

Learn how to solo like a master!
This program is an interactive learning aid, designed to help you learn to solo like a professional jazz guitarist. Musicians studying improvisation typically learn by copying other soloists' performances. Since guitar is a "visual instrument", it is easier to learn to play by watching the fretboard than by reading the music from a staff. The on-screen guitar fretboard shows you exactly which notes and chords are being played on the guitar. There are guide notes for typical positions for the key, and note names, to help you learn the fret/string positions.

Feature rich Multimedia program
We've recorded almost 5 hours of jazz guitar soloing and linked each song to powerful multimedia features, allowing you to see and hear note-for-note exactly what the soloist is playing. Each of the 50 songs contains typical jazz chord progressions, great for learning and practicing. With the Master Jazz Guitar Solos, you can study the lines, hear the music, practice and play along with a top musician.

Learning to solo has never been e a s i e r !

  • On-screen guitar fretboard shows you which notes are being played.

  • Focus on any section with the versatile loop feature.

  • Print out the songs complete with chords, tablature and notation to study anytime.

  • 50 Complete songs in a wide variety of jazz styles.

  • Learn at your own pace!

Versatile multimedia features.
Jump to any position in the song.
Change tempo or key on-the-fly. Jukebox mode for continuous play. Mark and play your favorite songs. Play along with the soloist in real-time.

Learn the Skills.
Develop pro skills by studying almost 5 hours of jazz guitar soloing. A wide variety of styles and techniques are employed in the 50 songs, illustrating basic soloing skills to the beginning guitarist while enhancing the skills of more advanced guitarists. Loop, Pause, Advance and Backup controls make learning and practicing easy. With the Master Jazz Guitar Solos you don't just hear how it's played, you see how it's played.

How to use the program
This program contains jazz guitar solos covering various styles, from easy-to-play to advanced phrases. We suggest that you learn the phrases by first watching the On-screen guitar fretboard, while the notation scrolls by. You'll notice that the notation also contains TAB. To study a particular phrase, the program includes advanced looping features. You can loop a number of bars, what you see on the screen, or the entire song. If the song is playing too quickly, you can adjust the tempo, or even the key.

Includes Band-in-a-Box files
As an additional bonus, we’ve included the 50 songs in Band-i n-a-Box format, free with this standalone product. If you’re a Band-in-a-Box user, you’ll find the songs in the JGSOLO50 directory in your main install directory.

System Requirements:
Windows (IBM): 16MB RAM Windows 3x, 95/98, NT
Sound Card (Roland, Soundblaster, etc.) or MIDI module,
CD-ROM Drive. 
Macintosh: MacOS 7.6 (or later), 4MB RAM,
6MB Hard Drive, MIDI Module or QuickTime
CD-ROM Drive.

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