The Blues Pianist


The Blues Pianist is a music program containing a huge library of original blues tunes, performed by top studio musicians. The tunes in this collection cover a wide variety of piano styles: Boogie Woogie, Slow/Fast Boogies, Jazz Blues, New Orleans style, Chicago Blues, and many more. These are the styles made famous by Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons, Jelly Roll Morton, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc. - hours of listening pleasure!

Featuring virtuoso performances of 60 blues piano standards played live on a MIDI keyboard by top studio musicians. The Blues Pianist also includes a trivia game, 'Guess the Song' game, program notes, musician biographies and much more.

How Were The Pieces Recorded?
All the pieces were recorded in real-time by top pianists using an 88-note weighted MIDI-equipped piano keyboard. They were never quantized or step-recorded. All are complete artistic performances, professionally performed, recorded and saved as standard MIDI files. You'll hear the music playing with original CD-quality through your sound card or MIDI system, just as if the musicians were sitting in your home playing your keyboard.

This Program Makes it Both Easy And Fun To Learn To Be An Accomplished Blues Pianist

We've recorded top musicians playing original blues "standards" and other compositions in a wide variety of styles. The on-screen piano keyboard shows you exactly what The Blues Pianist is playing on the piano. Slow down the piece or step through it chord-by-chord. Learn the music note-for-note by watching the piano keys or notation on your screen (notation available in Windows version only.) Play along with the "pros". Print out the standard notation on your printer for further study. 

Covering A Wide Variety Of Blues Piano Styles
Solo virtuoso piano performances in Chicago "Muddy Waters" or "Ray Charles" style, or simpler arrangements in "Fats Domino" or "Jelly Roll" style. Lush ballad arrangements ("Otis Spann style"). Trio and quartet arrangements in modern jazz/blues styles. We've covered all the bases!

Special Support For Your Sound Card Or MIDI Setup
Includes a built-in mixer to change instruments, channels, transposition, volume, panning, tuning and other MIDI information. General MIDI (GM) modules can use the built-in mixer to change volumes, patches, panning, reverb, chorus or tuning. Also supports non-General MIDI interfaces!

Listen To The Music While You Work In Other Programs
Playback continues in the background while you work in other programs, and the built-in Juke Box plays the music continuously and automatically. This allows the program to be used as great background music.

Use Your Existing Sound Card Or MIDI Synthesizer
Play the music back through your existing MIDI synthesizer, digital piano or sound module. Windows users can also control playback through their sound card (SoundBlaster, Roland, Yamaha, Turtle Beach, etc.) 


System Requirements:
Windows (IBM): 8MB RAM Windows 3x, 95, NT Sound
Card (Roland, Soundblaster, etc.) or MIDI Interface. 
Macintosh: 8MB RAM System 6, 7, or 8 MIDI Interface & Synthesizer/Module.

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