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Learn Music the Fun and Easy Way!

This award winning software helps you understand how music really works. Learn skills that will help you play any musical instrument better. It's easy to use, requires no previous musical background, and provides unlimited hours of enjoyable practice. Whether you're eight or eighty, it's the perfect accompaniment for learning music.

Learn Essential Skills
Learn to read music, improve your sight reading, recognize key signatures, play new scales, and sharpen your listening skills. MUSIC LESSONS' eleven drills move gently from elementary exercises to college level music theory Each drill can be done in treble, bass, or alto clefs and has multiple skill levels that let you practise just what you need. These are essential musical skills no matter what instrument you play.

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Learn By Doing
You get interactive feedback on every question The software will show you the answer when you're stuck Progress Reports that track your scores can be saved and printed.

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Learn By Listening
The ear training drills help you understand what you hear. All popular MIDI and sound cards are supported including Sound Blaster, Roland MPU-401, and Ad Lib compatibles.

Complete Theory Reference
You won't need additional books ex- plaining music theory. The comprehensive online help system explains every term and concept used in the program. A printed Music Theory Reference Manual is included in the package.

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"a highly useful tool for teaching musical skills." Piano And Keyboard. Nov-Dec. 1994 "a well-designed comprehensive music theory and ear training program." American Music Teacher, Dec-Jan. 1994-1995

"One of my students learned note durations in 15 minutes—after I had tried explaining it for a year" Piano And Keyboard, Nov-Dec. 1994

"[MUSIC LESSONS] was very exciting to run. The kids were hounding me for the program after seeing [it]...I would rate it the most user friendly...tutorial...and you may quote me." Chris G.

"I received your program this past week... I think it's one of the most helpful tools I've ever bought. I just wish I had it when I was beginning my studies." Michael H.

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